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Country Club Dress Code

The General Manager, along with supervisory staff members, has been authorized by the Board of Directors to notify members or their guests when their attire is not deemed consistent with our dress code policies. The Country Club of Scranton is one of the finest clubs in the country. In keeping with our tradition and sense of pride, we maintain the following dress code


Dress code policies apply to all adults, children, and guests. Members are responsible for the attire of their children and their guests. Members should inform their guests of the dress code requirements prior to their arrival at the Club. Dress codes will be specified for all Club functions, which may include deviations from these policies. However if you ever have a doubt about suitable attire for any specific event, or in any particular area of the Club, please feel free to call the General Manager. All hats worn on club premises must be worn, bill forward, not to the side or backwards

Country Club Attire Defined

In the Clubhouse
Gentlemen may wear collared shirts, turtlenecks, knit sweaters or golf shirts with collars. No advertising is allowed on any clothing, except for small logos over the pockets or on sleeves. Appropriate crew neck or mock shirts are also allowed. Bermuda length shorts (no more than 4” above the knees) are permitted, but no cut-offs, gym or short shorts (above mid thigh level) are permitted. Shirt tails must be neatly tucked into slacks or Bermuda length shorts. Ladies may wear golf shirts or sleeveless shirts, blouses, sweaters with collars or crew neck golf shirts. Bermuda shirts designed to be worn out are an exception for both men and women and do not have to be tucked in. No tee-shirts, athletic jerseys, sweat suits, cut-offs, cargo pants or hiking shorts, short shorts, or halter tops. Swimming attire and athletic wear is not permitted in the Clubhouse unless covered up by appropriate clothing. Denim may be worn in all areas of the club EXCEPT the golf course or driving range. Denim must be tasteful and appropriate. No rips, tears, frays or inappropriate writing will be permitted. Denim shorts are not permissible on the property at any time. The Country Club of Scranton management reserves the right to refuse service to any member or guest who is not dressed appropriately.
On the Golf Course
Appropriate wear is required on the driving range, putting and chipping greens, and on the golf course at all times. Non-metal spikes are mandatory on the golf course and are allowed in the Club House. Metal spikes are not allowed at the Country Club of Scranton. Tennis shoes may be worn on the golf course or practice areas. Men may wear golf shirts, knit sweaters with collars, collared shirts, turtlenecks and crew neck or mock golf shirts. Shirts must be neatly tucked into Bermuda-length shorts or slacks. Ladies may wear golf shirts or sleeveless shirts, blouses, sweaters with collars or crew neck golf shirts. Appropriate golf shirts designed to be worn not tucked in are allowed. Denim, short shorts, cutoffs, tennis shorts, tee-shirts, athletic jerseys, athletic shorts, halter tops, fishnet tops, and tank tops, are not permitted on the golf course. Gentlemen will wear their hats with the bill forward on baseball type caps. Members and Guests are not permitted to changes clothes, other than shoes, in the parking areas.
At the Swimming Pool
Only proper swimming attire is allowed in the pool area. Street clothing and rubber soled shoes may be worn in the pool area. A robe, cover-up or shirt is recommended for entering or departing the pool area and parking lots. Please think of the dress code within the context of shared values and mutual respect, and as a protection of our fine Country Club of Scranton heritage. Your adherence to the dress code will make our environment more enjoyable and will help sustain the quality of membership and standard of excellence upon which the Country Club of Scranton’s reputation was built.